We provide full valuation services to private business for perpetuation and strategic planning purposes and can also provide expert advice on benchmarking practices to enhance long-term agency valuation.

Third-party fair market valuation by a seasoned and experienced insurance professional is a must if you are contemplating:

Individualized valuation services are based on your needs, such as:

We offer two types of valuation reports, depending on the needs of the client and the purpose of the valuation:


Our “benchmark valuation” generally is used to give a client a low-cost report that provides an approximation of the fair market value range of the agency. The benchmark valuation considers quantitative and qualitative factors along with other insurance-specific intangible values, which are critical to assess in determining the appropriate value of an agency. We carefully blend various valuation methods used by buyers and sellers (e.g., capitalization of earnings and comparable market transactions), and our benchmark report provides the client with a fair market valuation range in addition to the underlying valuation assumptions and rationale.


A “fully compliant valuation” is fully compliant with Revenue Ruling 59-60, other pertinent Revenue Rulings, USPAP standards, and NACVA Standards of Development and Reporting. The report provides an opinion of value in addition to a comprehensive analysis of the agency, industry information, economic data, and financial statement analysis. A fully compliant valuation is useful in determining value when the client is involved in taxation, litigation, shareholder disputes, ESOPs, estate and gift valuation, and divorce valuation situations.